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    1. Drywall Framing System
    2. Drywall Framing System NBXF provides drywall framing systems, including C-shaped channels, U-shaped channels and other installation accessories. Light gauge steel frame is a kind of new environmental and durable construction material, and light gauge steel...
    1. Metal Stud Ceiling System
    2. Metal Stud Ceiling System NBXF can provide you with various metal stud ceiling systems, including various metal frames and accessories in the systems. Matching light weight ceiling boards, you can conveniently complete the on-site assembly of whole ceiling systems.
Application case

As a new kind of construction decorating material,
light-gauge steel frames have been widely used in various applications such as indoor ceiling, drywall framing, awnings, station billboards, meeting rooms, office buildings, hotels and airports.

Application service

NBXF is a professional manufacturer of light gauge steel framing products. In addition to common sizes of inventories, we can also customize products with various special sizes or shapes. You just need to tell us your engineering requirements or specific size demands, and we will provide you with reliable products...

Do you need cold roll formed light gauge steel framing products for your whole projects? You may need to consider many questions. For example, what applications are they used for, inside or outside, load bearing or non load bearing? This simple guide may help you to choose suitable high quality light gauge steel framing products.

About NBXF
NBXF is a professional manufacturer that is devoted to the customization of light-gauge steel framing products. Our galvanized steel light-gauge frames and stainless steel light-gauge frames are widely used for metal stud ceiling systems and drywall framing systems. Besides, we also manufacture and sale different specifications of U-shaped channels, C-shaped channels, L-shaped channels, slotted channels, furring channels and profiled steel framing which can be used for different applications.
NBXF was established in 2008, and our founder has been engaged in the management and sale of light-gauge steel framing products since 1994. With the deep understanding of the industry, we saw the outstanding advantages of light-gauge steel framing products. Compared with traditional wooden frames, they have better fire proof, corrosion resistant and anti-aging performance. At that time, we had made profits in the sale business of light-gauge steel framing products. And then, we gradually established our own factory.
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Ningbo Gaoxinqu XingFa Jiancaichang